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Right to Hope

The consulting, counselling and creative care company that believes in building friendships and embracing who you are.

Right to Hope

A heartfelt and collaborative consulting, counselling and creative care company.

How we serve

Timothy Hiebert, the company's founder and heartbeat of Right to Hope, is committed to holistic care practices that address yours or your loved one's unique and changing needs.  Wherever you are in your life journey, Tim promises to get to know you, embrace your values and work together to establish plans to meet your current challenges. By connecting with your community, engaging your support systems, and offering creative hands-on solutions, he aims to offer the care you deserve. Tim is a considerate and thoughtful collaborator whose experience and willingness to act with you and on your behalf will help you to achieve a sustainable, practical and fulfilling quality of life.


We offer three streams of creative companion care: empowering activities, creative quality care, and practical friendships. These forms of care are designed to assist you in activities that you enjoy, that bring meaning to your life, and that support your independence.


Understanding your specific and changing needs is important to us. We offer family-led care consulting, care-plan management, and advanced care planning to ensure that you are prepared for current and future challenges.

Creative Companion Care

Consultation & Future Planning



End-of-Life Care

We believe that a meaningful and self-determined end-of-life journey is possible. We help clients and their family’s to realize our client’s final wishes through holistic compassionate care, vigil services, and informed family support.

Counseling Group

Person-Centered Counselling Care

We offer grief and transitional counselling for individuals, groups and families. We acknowledge what you are going through with kindness and empathy. We make space for you and your loved ones to express, accept, heal, and grow together.

Our Promise

You and your needs are at the heart of our care work. We promise to learn from you and to grow with you, embracing the person that you are. In order to do this, we will listen and adapt creatively. We promise to treat you with kindness, respect and to honour the person that you are. Through these loving gestures, we nurture your right to hope.

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