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Creative Companion Care

Our creative companion care service is always rooted in your values, needs and interests.  We embrace who you are and work towards meaningful and therapeutic relationships founded on creativity, empowering activity, quality time and connection.  We are happy to meet you wherever you are in your life's journey and believe in the benefits of music, play, fresh air, kindness and supported independence.  If there is something important to you that is missing, or too challenging on your own, we would like to help you get re-acquainted with those experiences that mean so much to you.

Empowering activities

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We want to get to know you, so we can understand what you like to do and what is important to you,  then we can work together to participate in the things that make you happy.  We enjoy fresh air, adventures and enriching activities. We believe that creativity and teamwork lead to endless possibilities. 



Creative Quality Care

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Life can be very lonely sometimes,

we want to offer you our undivided attention and look forward to quality time and growing friendships.  We embrace music, poetry and creativity and we care about supporting your interests.  We want to build a meaningful relationship in whatever way works best for you.



Practical Friendships


We can help you in meaningful ways that support your independence, Maybe you need some help with grocery shopping, cooking a healthy meal and could use a friend to enjoy it with,  maybe you could use a hand around the house or some extra support during an appointment. We are here for you



Creative Care
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