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Consulting and Collaboration

We are here to help you to achieve a sustainable, practical and fulfilling quality of care.  We promise to meet you wherever you are in your life's journey so we can work together with you, your community and supportive systems to design and maintain important plans to meet your current challenges.  We are experienced collaborators and you can trust in our experience, creativity, empathy and willingness to act on your behalf.

Family-Led Care Consulting

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Maintaining your independence, right to choose, and embarking on the journey of self-directed in-home care is rewarding, but also challenging.  You can rely on us to help you navigate the many systems and important decisions that you face. You can depend on us to protect your values and choices while we work together towards the quality of life you deserve.


Care Plan Management


We will work with you to design fulfilling and practical care plans that adapt to your evolving needs. We can help you navigate the Self & Family Managed Care Program in Manitoba while we journey together towards sustainable and enriching in-home care solutions. Together we can create a team of invested helpers of your choosing that contribute to your care exactly the way that you want.


Advanced Care Planning


Everyone benefits from planning ahead. Let us work together to address any unfinished business and make sure we are prepared for what lies ahead.  We can help you and your family get everything you need in order to make sure your choices are realized and respected.  It is a big relief and can alleviate the heavy burden of hard decision making from your loved ones. 


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