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Counselling Care

 We are here to support you through your challenging transitions.  Through our own experience of loss, we understand how painful it can be to grieve something or somebody you care about so deeply.  We employ a person-centred approach to grief and transitional counselling care that holds space for you and your loved ones.  We invite you to set the pace and direction while we create the therapeutic environment that you and your family need to accept your circumstances, express your feelings and begin your healing journey. You can trust us, to be professional, empathetic and discreet while we address the challenges you and your family are experiencing related to grief, loss and change.

Individual Counselling

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Experiencing an unwanted personal loss is never easy. We take the time to acknowledge and gently explore what you are going through.  We know that it is just as difficult as you say it is. We make room for you to express, accept and begin your healing journey.  We hold you in unconditional positive regard and offer you our undivided attention.


Family/Group Counselling

Counseling Group

Let us help you to navigate delicate family dynamics while we work towards healthy relationships and aligned goals of care.  We create a safe place to help you to grieve together and to share stories that honour the person who meant so much to you. Allow us to help you to support one another as you move through grief and adapt to your life's changes. 


Therapeutic Ceremony


We believe in the healing power of therapeutic ceremonies that honour your loved one or acknowledge your loss. Together we can create an intimate space, gathering or ceremony that truly acknowledges what you have gone through or that speaks to your loved one's spirit and the impact they had on you and your community 


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