Meet Tim, The founder of Right to Hope.

Timothy Hiebert, the company's founder is passionate about advancing holistic care practices in Manitoba.  He is here to help you to achieve a sustainable, practical and fulfilling quality of life.  He promises to meet you wherever you are in your life.  Through getting to know you, working together, connecting with your community and supportive systems and embracing your values, he aims to help you design and maintain important plans to meet your current challenges.  He is a thoughtful collaborator and you can trust in his experience, creativity, empathy, compassion and willingness to act with you and on your behalf.

Meet Timothy

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Our Promise

You and your needs are at the heart of our care work. We promise to learn from you and to grow with you, embracing the person that you are. In order to do this, we will listen and adapt creatively. We promise to treat you with kindness, respect and to honour the person that you are. Through these loving gestures, we nurture your right to hope.
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