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Testimonials, Recommendations & Reviews

"Tim is an incredible person and we feel very lucky to have him help with our Grandfather's care. Our Grandfather has been diagnosed with dementia, as well as prostate cancer and it is suspected of Parkinson’s disease. Grandpa is a cheery, simple man who loves music, his family and the outdoors. These diagnoses have taken a lot from him and his family.


Tim has found ways to safely create opportunities for Grandpa to enjoy his time; inviting him for tours of his garden, taking him for outdoor 'field trips' as the weather and his health allows, bringing his guitar and singing songs with and to Grandpa. He has made the time to visit Grampa when he has been hospitalized as well.


Tim is able to be encouraging and positive, even on days when Grandpa isn't feeling his best. He is able to be supportive and realistic while giving a real space for Grandpa to share his life and feelings, and find validation that he is being heard.


Tim also acts as an excellent advocate for patient care. He has assisted my family in navigating options for self-managed care and explained many of the decisions or actions of home care. He really tries to find a way to ensure that people are able to fulfill their wants to live at home. His expertise has been an immeasurable help to lifting some of the load and ensuring that Grampa is cared for. I would recommend Tim to anyone looking for trusted, compassionate care and guidance."

                                                                                                        -Ana Hope


"I know first-hand some of the dilemmas faced by individuals and their families when independence is compromised by disease and ageing and they are determined to stay at home, in their community. This ranges from negotiating with public health for appropriate and relevant support services, developing strategic relationships within the family system and the community, and coming to terms with emotional as well as physical loss. My dad would not have been able to stay at home with the quality of life he had, nor would my family have been able to sustain the support without Tim’s expertise and commitment."

                                                                                                       -Cate Friesen


"I would absolutely recommend Tim Hiebert and the services that Right to Hope has to offer. He managed to give our family hope and support while we navigated a Parkinsons journey with our father. We had an intention early on in the diagnosis for my father to remain at home and with Tim’s assistance were able to keep dad at home throughout while my mom received the support she needed to keep him with her. For us children, we were able to maintain a relationship with our dad that wasn’t built solely on caregiving. Keeping dad at home made it possible to maintain a more regular family experience which was so important to our parents. Dad also had many outings and adventures with Tim. Lots of joy and stories along the way!

In hindsight, it is very clear that with Tim’s assistance we were able to carry on with work, careers and life with a peace of mind that we did not think we’d have following the Parkinsons diagnosis. He was there for us right to the end and I speak for my family when I say we have no regrets."

                                                                                                       -Maryanne Sawlewicz


"Having worked with Tim Hiebert in the care of his beloved grandfather, a man who through Tim and his family, I fondly adopted as my grandpa, I am here to tell you that you will never regret letting this young man into your life at a most difficult time.

Having worked in different capacities of senior care for more than twenty years, I have seldom come across the understanding and the compassionate care that I saw from Tim. Together we saw his grandpa through the declining of Parkinson’s and Dementia. We had joys on good days and sorrows on his worsening days.

Tim did everything from planning grandpa’s care, hiring help and scheduling to taking the lead in the actual care. He showed care and compassion that everyone nearing the end of life deserves. He can counsel you, sit with you through the most difficult hours and provide the most basic of human needs. He is honest and trustworthy and has a sincere desire to help those who are going through illness and the loss of a loved one."

                                                                                                         -Tina Fehr


"My husband had Parkinson's. We were very fortunate to have Tim as a caregiver.for three years. He could talk with him Singing for him, reading. Just being a great companion to him, as well. At first, my husband could still get in the car and Tim would take him for rides in the country later when he was in a wheelchair he would take him for walks. As Parkinson's became more severe, there was more medication and had to have more care. Gradually also he had memory problems and Tim was able to entertain him singing and play the guitar.

The love and friendship between the two was very special. Tim was with him the night he passed away peacefully.

Tim's help meant that we did not have to put him in a care home. I could not have wished for anything better"

                                                                                                         -Mary Friesen


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